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Why Custom Frame?

Custom picture framing is more than just the concept of making a frame to fit the size of your picture, treasure or favorite sports jersey.  Custom picture framing is the concept of preserving your memories to last for decades.  Custom framing is not done to match the décor in the room but is done to enhance the treasure where it will be hung.  Custom framing also adds uniqueness, originality, and personality to the room of your home or office. 

Custom frames are comparable to high quality furniture, so think of custom picture framing as hanging furniture on the wall.   High quality picture framing will outlast the carpet and furniture in your home and can be passed down from generation to generation.

At Frame Maker Designs we provide the highest level of craftsmanship, design, and protection available.  We guarantee the craftsmanship of our custom frames for the life of your framed treasure.   This enables you to showcase your treasure for years to come.

In the picture framing industry you get what you pay for.  Using inferior frames bought off the shelf very rarely hold up over time and will need to be replaced years or even decades before and custom frame would ever need to be replaced.  When your family treasures are improperly framed they will eventually be irreparably damaged and lost forever over time.

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